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Posture Analysis-Neurosomatic Therapy

Neurosomatic Therapy for posture analysis in Bellevue WA at Spa Alexis Massage & Bodywork

Posture Analysis Service

Also known as Posturology and Neurosomatic Therapy. Neurosomatic  Therapy is the latest advancement in massage therapy for assessing postural distortions which cause pain and many other issues throughout the body. Practiced and used by leading massage educators early in the 20th century it has been fine toned to what it is today. Fallen arches, leg length inequality differences, and irregularities of the pelvic bones are the major contributor to dysfunction. Dysfunction in the body can be felt as low back pain. hip pain, glute pain, mid back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, TMJ, headaches.

Posture Analysis Assessment

Schedule this simple posture analysis assessment in order to quickly determine the source of your pain and discomfort. Through detailed charting of the bony landmarks, we can quickly see which muscles is the issue and whether it is possibly structural, muscular, visceral, cranial or a combination of all four.

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Posture Analysis Results

Through the result of the posture analysis we will develop a plan from the charting to get your body in balance quickly with minimal investment and time. Without having a Posturology assessment performed, you can only expect temporary relief because we never address the root problem. Please bring either snug yoga clothes or loose fitting clothing that will enable us to easily access the bony landmarks and work through them. A bathing suit will even work. Knees will need to be exposed and showing. No dresses or skirts please.

If signed up for posture analysis with a massage, the protocal will include some Neurokinetic Therapy muscle testing so that if there appears not to be structural issues then we can fine tune the therapy for re-programming the motor control system in order to help eliminate muscular dysfunction in ones body contributing to pain.

Scientific research on different methods of postural assessments used in the health care industry. We do not use radiographic not photogrammetric methods. Based on our findings if we determine there are possibly structural issues that are not cause by tight muscle, we will refer you out to a healthcare professional for further investigation and possible x-rays.