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About Bellevue Massage Therapist

Bellevue Massage Therapist Alexis Kurtzman LMP giving a massage.

Alexis Kurtzman LMT LMTI CES CPT RYT200 NKT (Level 3) ANF (Level 2) MMP (Intraoral Endorsement)

The licensed Bellevue Massage Therapist at Spa Alexis Massage & Bodywork in Bellevue, WA is Alexis Kurtzman. Bellevue massage Therapist Alexis owned in another state for years an award winning massage therapy clinic and in May of 2015 moved to Seattle WA.  Alexis is a Bellevue massage therapist in Washington State and is accepting clients and patients at her massage therapy location in Bellevue, WA. located at the edge of downtown on hospital row.

Evidence Based Massage Therapy

The focus is exclusively on you, as the client; you will have her undivided attention. Bellevue massage therapist Alexis’s focus is on quality, not quantity, specializing in a holistic evidence based approach. As a massage therapist-practitioner she has been successful in helping to relieve acute, sub-acute and chronic pain through various massage styles of traditional Western therapeutic massage, clinical massage therapy and Eastern bodywork. Whether you’re looking for relief from pain, rehabilitation work, auto injury, injured on the job, pre or post surgeries, pre or post a sporting event, reduction in tightness, soreness, injuries, swelling, bruising, increased range of motion, flexibility    and or a relaxing de-stressing massage the massage therapist Alexis has the training to provide and facilitate for your relief.

Initial Consultation

Every new client will have a 15 minute consultation prior by the Bellevue massage therapist Alexis and be assessed to develop a massage therapy strategy to achieve your desired goals with the least amount of pain while effectively achieving healthy soft tissue and body balance. The Bellevue massage therapist Alexis take a systemic approach and looks at your problems from a bio-mechanical viewpoint as well as an anatomical one. Usually, the pain you feel is a symptom of your actual problem, but the massage therapist Alexis will locate the root cause to improve overall muscle health and help facilitate your bodies ability to heal it’s self.

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Bellevue Massage Therapist – Alexis Kurtzman’s Credentials

Alexis was trained and graduated from the Avalon School of Massage Therapy 500 hour program. She holds a Washington State Licensed Massage Therapist license (LMT), a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in another state and a Licensed Massage Therapist Instructor (LMTI) also from another state. Alexis is also active and maintains a certified level professional membership with AMTA.

The Bellevue Massage Therapist Alexis has taken extensive advanced continuing education classes in various types of massage therapy and bodywork in order to provide you with superior knowledge, talent and skills. Alexis also has extensive Eastern bodywork training through the most elite trainers in the field. Certified in numerous advance massage styles, has the proven completion and skill requirements that you can be assured of quick effective relief of your symptoms. Providing one of the best massages, she possesses the ability and knowledge to work on sports injuries, accidents, medical conditions and rehabilitation work.

The Bellevue Massage Therapist Alexis constantly pursues research in advanced evidenced based integrative massage therapy for you. Every day, Alexis is in a constant quest for learning the latest advancements in holistic healing, additional knowledge and new skills in order to help you achieve healthy muscle tissue and body balance. Alexis’s goal is that you can live a pain free life through the healing and relaxation benefits of regular massage therapy and bodywork.

Massage Therapy Education

Avalon School of Massage Therapy – 500 hour program consisting of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Kinesiology, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage (Northerrn Style), Shiatsu, Theory of Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Health and Hygiene, Business Practices and Internship

Ananda Massage Training – Washington Business Practices – Dari Lewis

Massage Therapy Licenses

  • Washington State Department of Health – Licensed Massage Therapist – MA60330731
  • Washington State Department of Health – Intraoral Endorsement
  • Texas Department of State Health Services – Licensed Massage Therapist – MT108713
  • Texas Department of State Health Services – Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor – MI2371

Sports & Fitness Certifications and CEU’s

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine –  NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist CES 1170138646
  • American Sports & Fitness Association – Certified Personal Trainer CI61208 – CPT
  • Nationally Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher – RYT200
  • Yoga Teacher Training – The Yoga Institute – Lex Gillan – 200 hours
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification – Lex Gillan – 45 Hours
  • Applied Yoga Integration – Jory Serota LMT, NKT AYI – 16 hours

Professional Memberships

  • Professional level AMTA
  • National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers – Member 5033
  • Yoga Alliance – Reg. # 219867

Certifications and Certificates of Completion for Continuing Education

  • Certified and Licensed – Massage Trainer Instructor, Avalon School of Massage – Randy Greer – 30 hours
  • Certified Yoga Teacher – The Yoga Institute – Lex Gillan – 200 hours
  • Voila Method – Structural Joint Balancing –  Level 1 – Joel Crandall – 14 hours
  • Certified Completion of Amino Neuro frequency Level 3 – 21 hours
  • Certified Completion of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy – Level 2- Steve Moratto/Mikel Hoff – 16 Hours
  • Certified Completion of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy – Level 1- Steve Moratto/Mikel Hoff – 16 hours
  • Certified NKT Level 3- Neurokinetic Therapy – David Winstock/Thomas Wells- 15 Hours
  • Certified NKT Level 2- Neurokinetic Therapy – David Winstock/Dr Brock Easter- 15 Hours
  • Certified NKT Level 1- Neurokinetic Therapy – David Winstock/Dr Perry Nickelston – 15 Hours
  • Certified Advanced Muscle Testing and Palpation – NKT Therapy Seminars – Thomas Wells- 15 Hours
  • Certified Posturology 101- Neurosomatic Educators LLC- Tim Janek Jr. – 19 hours
  • Certified – Lymphatic Drainage Plus – Mercedes R. Jordon – 24 hours
  • Certified – Medical Massage – Tamlynn Cameron & Shamaya Chah – 44 hours
  • Certified – Advanced Medical Massage- Tamlynn Cameron – 16 hours
  • Certificate of Attendance – Understanding Health Care Networks: Reading & Understanding Provider Contracts, Credentialing and regulation of Health Care Networks
  • Certified – Intraoral – 16 hours
  • Visceral Manipulation – Level 1 – The Barral Institute – Dr. Ron Miriotti ND, BI-D – 24 hours
  • Orthopedic Massage- James Waslaski -18 hours
  • Certified – Oncology Massage – MD Anderson Cancer Center- 24 hours
  • Prenatal-Pregnancy Massage- Ariana Institute – 6 Hours
  • Certified – Secrets of Deep Tissue, Robert B. Haase, LMP – Haase Myotherapy Seminars – 16 Hours
  • Acupressure – Dr. William Butler 12 Hours
  • Certified – FMT Rocktape IASTM Blades and Advanced Blades- Dr Ben Stevens – 12 hours
  • Certified – FMT RockTape Basic- Rocktape – 8 hours
  • Certified – FMT RockTape Performance – 8 hours
  • Cupping Therapy, Fire Cupping Therapy  – 6 hours
  • Facial Cupping Therapy,  Gua Sha – 6 hours
  • Introduction to Kinesiology Taping – Dew Freedman – 1.5 hours
  • Certified – MPS-ETPS Therapy – Micro Point Stimulation – Acumed – Cindy Cornell RN – 16 hours
  • Reiki Level 1 – 6 hours Ashley Warnken LMP RM
  • Healing is Voltage – Institute of Somatic Therapy – Dr Tennant Institute- Biomodulator – Dr Tennant – 20 hours
  • Certified – Preventing and Managing Chronic Inflammation: Special Focus: Nutritional Interventions- Dr Nick Hill – 6 hours
  • Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques – Paul Kelly CSCS – 16 hours
  • Myofascial Release – Dr. Briones – 6 hours
  • Myofascial Release Level 1 – John Barnes 20 hours
  • Certified – Trigger Point – Dr. Ronald Romick DC – 15 Hours
  • Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy -Upledger Institute – Jill Mabry , CST – 6 hours
  • Introduction to Visceral Manipulation – The Barral Institute – Ann Ryan – PT, DPT – 4 hours
  • Introduction to Joint Balancing/MET (D’Ambrogio Institute)- Jack Ryan, LMT – 6 hours
  • Deep Tissue & Neuro Massage – Antonio S. Jacobs DNH, MS, LAc – 6 hours
  • Sports Massage- Avalon School of Massage- Angela DeSilva – 6 hours
  • Certified – Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (Basic Posterior, Anterior and sidelying) – Deepfeet – Jeni Spring – 33 hours
  • Certified – Ashi-Thai – Deepfeet – Jeni Spring – 18 hours
  • Certified – Advanced Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy and Fusion Massage – Deepfeet – Jeni Spring – 25 hours
  • Introduction to Reflexology – 12 hours
  • Thai on the Table (Northern Style) Souri Sisavath – 8 hours (this is in addition to 30 hours at school)
  • Certified – Thai Massage Southern Style – Souri Sisavath – 30 hours (this is in addition to 30 hours at school)
  • Chair Massage – Paul Kirchhoff – 10 hours Hot Stones
  • Hot Stones – Avalon School of Massage – Randy Greer – 6 hours
  • Body Wraps – Source Vital, College of Holistic Studies – 7 hours
  • First Aid & Adult CPR – Avalon School of Massage- Ann Goad – 6 hours
  • American Red Cross First Aid & Adult CPR Certified – 6 hours
  • Facial Compression For Massage – Source Vital, College of Holistic Studies – 7 hours
  • National Health Care Provider Solutions – 2 hours
  • HIV and AIDS – ATrain Education, Inc. – 4 hours
  • WorkSmart Business Class for LMT’s – Paul Kirchhoff – 12 hours
  • The Ethical Dilema – Russel Rust – 2 hours
  • Ethics- D’jango Saunders – 2 hours
  • WA State Employment Law For Massage Therapists – Path To Practice – 4 Hours
  • Stress Managment For LMT’s- Dr. Fred Zucker – 1.25 hours
  • Self Care – Dr. Robert Routh – 1.25 hours
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Michael Mandel LMP – 3 hours

Acknowledgments – Awards

Best Massage Therapy 2015    Best Massage Therapy 2014    Best Massage Therapy 2013    Best Massage Therapist 2012