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Pain To Performance Solutions

Pain Management – Relief

The Massage and Bodywork Clinic at Spa Alexis welcomes you and thanks you for visiting our massage and bodywork therapy website. We are professional Massage Therapists using evidenced-based advanced integrative Massage Therapy and Bodywork for pain to performance solutions in Bellevue, WA.

 Rehabilitation – Injury Resolution and Prevention

Specializing in manual movement therapy, yoga therapy, therapeutic massage, clinical massage therapy, Eastern Bodywork, advanced pain management, injury cases, rehabilitation massage,  maintenance-wellness massage and stress reduction-relaxation massages. We also accept PIP auto injury accident cases, Labor and Industry on the job injured workers and health insurance clients.

If  you are suffering in pain have tight muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, visceral tissues and limited range of motion we can address your symptoms and get to the root cause.

Improved Sports Performance

Not performing in sports to the level you feel you’re capable of or have limitations that are hindering your performance. Feeling sore from working out and need a maintenance massage or bodywork, in need of rehabilitation work for an injury, or you need pain management for dealing with chronic pain, we provide advanced massage and bodywork therapy services that addresses your specifics to increase and improve your sports performance. At our massage and bodywork clinic we use a variety of massage-bodywork techniques that we customize for each client. No client is the same and everyone has a specific medical make up that makes them unique and why we do not do cookie cutting massage therapy and why every client gets a consultation. Most symptoms are relieved with in 3-6 appointments and after the 1st appointment you should have significant change in how you feel.

Energy Work

We sometimes can do everything needed for pain, rehabilitation, sports performance and our emotions but still can not achieve the symmetry in the human body system that is needed for health and wellness. Energy work is powerful and the Voila-Method of Structural Joint Balancing is used for all levels of energy work at the clinic. Voila-Method/Structural Joint Balancing is an energy based protocol for accessing the cranial bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligament, movement, emotions and more to see if they are balanced and to create symmetry.

Alexis Kurtzman LMT LMTI CES CPT RYT200 NKT-L3 (Master) ANF-L2 MMP (Intraoral Endorsement)

Alexis Kurtzman is the award winning Manual Movement Therapist-Massage Therapist on staff. She has extensive training and is certified in numerous massage-bodywork services offered as well as corrective exercise, personal training and yoga therapy.

Located at the edge of downtown Bellevue, WA. on Overlake Hospital Row. Accessible and centrally located on the Eastside, minutes from all major freeways, airports, hospitals, downtown Seattle, Mercer Island, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah and other Seattle, WA. neighborhoods.

 Please read further on our website to see how the massage-bodywork clinic can be of value to you in your Advanced Massage Therapy needs.

Manual Movement Therapy

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Bodywork

Clinical Massage Therapy

Insurance - Clinical Massage

Spa Alexis Massage & Bodywork

Energy Work


    For better posture and injury treatment Alexis is well versed in a variety of interesting massage modalities including deep tissue, medical massage, Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy, Ashi-Thai, traditional Thai massage, and Posturology (to name a few). Her office is clean, organized, comfortable, and trends more toward a streamlined and professional aesthetic than you often encounter at a therapist's private practice. If you want a therapist who is serious about massage, Alexis is your gal.

    Spa Alexis Customer,
    Injury Treatment


    The deep tissue massage I had was such a great experience, I scheduled my next appointment before walking out the door! I have had many massages but what made this one different is the time Alexis spent to really focus on my problem areas. I would recommend her to anyone!

    Spa Alexis Customer,
    Deep Tissue Massage


    Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage with Alexis has been an essential part of my program to get fit and stay healthy for more than a year. Ashiatsu massage (Oriental Bar) takes deep issue massage to the next level. She is the best in all categories: skill, professionalism, attitude, environment, location, . . . I can't wait for my next visit!  

    Spa Alexis Customer,
    Ashiatsu Massage


    After getting a Therapeutic Massage; I waited a few days before I wrote this review, just to see how long the effects of the massage would last. Three days later and I'm STILL relaxed!! I asked Alexis to focus on my poor tensed-up back, AND SHE DID!! With others, I say "MY BACK" and they spend half the time on hands, arms, legs, etc... But with Alexis, she did as I asked, and did it exquisitely well! Did I mention her professionalism and knowledge! People, pay the money and give yourself a treat by going to Alexis!!  

    Spa Alexis Customer,
    Therapeutic Massage


    Massage Lessons For Two is what we scheduled. I enjoyed the massage and the learning experience at Spa Alexis, I love the fact that she knew her stuff, and she helped my boyfriend and I out a lot, now we know the correct way to massage one another.  

    Spa Alexis Customer,
    Couple Massage Lesson


    Posture Assessment is what I recently had done with Alexis. She is very knowledgeable and professional. I employ anyone to get an assessment to figure out increase range of motion and/or muscle dysfunction. Do yourself a favor and go see Alexis.

    Spa Alexis Customer,
    Postural Assessment